White Guilt (9:43)

“White guilt” often prevents us from seeing and addressing the connection between injustice of the past and the injustice of today. Until we white folk come to terms with this, we will watch another few hundred years go by with unfettered brotherhood and sisterhood remaining an elusive dream.

Black Shooting Deaths By Police (11:13)

Law enforcement is a difficult and often thankless job.  Still, there is a disturbing and historic connection between law enforcement and our communities of color. “Criticizing police brutality is said to be hating law enforcement…This sophomoric approach will remain a roadblock to genuine racial engagement until it is replaced by a deeper, more humane, more sophisticated understanding of the issue of race.”  –Michael Eric Dyson

This clip documents some of the recent high profile police shootings and the birth of Black Lives Matter.

1995 Interview (Selma to Montgomery March)

This is a 1995 interview by WSFA (Montgomery, AL) during the march from Selma to Montgomery.  This was my first trip to Selma, Alabama for the 30th Anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”.



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Selected Past Lectures/Speech Topics Include:

  • White Guilt and the Defensive Caucasian
  • Why “Black Lives Matter” Matters
  • The Criminal Injustice System: Disparate Sentencing and the Prison Population Explosion
  • Developing the Race-Appreciative Child
  • Promoting Diversity in Education and Corporate America
  • Police Brutality: Redeeming the Badge
  • Talking About Race Without Losing Friends
  • King’s “Beloved Community”: How We Get There
  • How Nonviolence Changed the World
  • Race Hypocrisy: Dems AND Repubs
  • Religion and Race
  • Christianity During Slavery
  • The Civil Rights Primer