1995 Interview (Selma to Montgomery March)

This is a 1995 interview by WSFA (Montgomery, AL) during the march from Selma to Montgomery. This was my first trip to Selma, Alabama for the 30th Anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”.



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Selected Past Lectures/Speech Topics Include:

  • White Guilt and the Defensive Caucasian
  • Why “Black Lives Matter” Matters
  • The Criminal Injustice System: Disparate Sentencing and the Prison Population Explosion
  • Developing the Race-Appreciative Child
  • Promoting Diversity in Education and Corporate America
  • Police Brutality: Redeeming the Badge
  • Talking About Race Without Losing Friends
  • King’s “Beloved Community”: How We Get There
  • How Nonviolence Changed the World
  • Race Hypocrisy: Dems AND Repubs
  • Religion and Race
  • Christianity During Slavery
  • The Civil Rights Primer